Power Outages



June 19, 2024

6:50pm - As a result of the issues on our system today many three phase customers may still have power issues.  Please check your breakers and fuses, if they are not the issue please call 905-945-5437 and press 1.


4:30pm - Power restored. If you remain without power please call 905-945-5437 and press 1.

4:06pm - NPEI has posted an ETR of one hour. Thank you again for your patience as we work with them and Hydro One.

2:35pm - Those that had power restored may lose power again as Hydo One and NPEI continue to make repairs. Thank you for your patience.

2:30pm - The neighboring crews have been able to make some repairs that restored power for some customers. They are now working on another issue on the line.  

1:10pm - Crews continue their coordination with neighboring utilities.  They have started work on repairs however time to restoration is currently unknown.

12:40pm - The cause of the outage impacting our customers is outside of our service territory. Our crews are coordinating with neighboring utilities to resolve the issue and restore power. Time to restoration is still unknown due to the nature of the outage.

11:50am - We are currently aware of an outage affecting customers on the North West and North East section of Grimsby.  Crews have been dispatched. An estimated time to restoration is currently unknown.


No planned outages currently.


Outages will be displayed on the map above approximately 10 minutes after they occur and only provide general outage location area. Outages displayed on the map will be those that have been reported through smart meter communication protocols.

This outage map does not include momentary outages also referred to as ‘auto-reclosures’ as they are momentary in nature. Grimsby Power Inc. uses reclosers to remove temporary faults (i.e. potential tree contacts, lightning strikes, etc.) thus avoiding prolonged power outages on our distribution system.

During office hours, status updates for unplanned sustained outages are also available on Twitter @GrimsbyPower

Visit our "Be Prepared" webpage for outage preparation tips!





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